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I am a Licensed Counselor in mainland,China and now undergoing psychoanalytic training in Saint Louis Psychoanalytic Institute as a distance Candidate. My career started with working as a school counselor in university since 2014. Now I am in full-time private practice in Southeast China. I offer a collaborative, empathic counseling and treatment plan tailored to address clients’ unique concerns in all areas of their life ranging from symptoms of anxiety or depression to relationship or personality disorders. I work best with those individuals who are curious about themselves and interested in making long lasting changes in their inner life and circumstances.


M.A., Nanchang University, 2008
B.A., Jiangxi Normal University, 2005


●Training in Adult Psychoanalysis(2020-Now )
Saint Louis Psychoanalytic Institute
●Open Analytic Theory Courses for the 2019-2020 Academic Year
Saint Louis Psychoanalytic Institute
●Advanced Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Training (2018-2020)
Sponsored by China American Psychoanalytic Alliance (CAPA)
●Basic Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Training (2016-2018)
Sponsored by China American Psychoanalytic Alliance (CAPA)
●Transference-Focused Psychotherapy Program (2018-2020)
Sponsored by Kangning Hospital Affiliated to Wenzhou Medical University, in cooperation with Weill Medical College of Cornell University and ISTFP
●Sino-German Gestalt Therapy Continuous Training Program (2015-2017)
Sponsored by Nanjing University & Institute for Integrative Gestalt Therapy (IGW)
●Sino-American Psychodynamic Group Psychotherapy Training Program (Oct. 19-23, 2015)
Sponsored by Shanghai Mental Health Center, in cooperation with American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA)
●Part-time postgraduate program, majored in clinical counseling (2012-2014)
Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Science


Anna J. Janicki M.D. Oct, 2018-June, 2020 Individual supervision 73 Sessions
Richard P. Kluft M.D. Aug, 2016-Sept, 2018 Individual supervision 92 Sessions
Peiyu Wu Ph.D May, 2017-Nov, 2017 Individual supervision 16 Sessions
James M. Fisch M.D. April,2018-Sep. 2018 Individual supervision 14 Sessions
Anonymous Psychoanalysts 2016-2020 Individual supervision 130 Sessions
Yawen Li M.D. Nov,2015-June, 2016 Group supervision 36 hours
Xiao Wang Jan,2018-July, 2018 Group supervision 36 hours


July, 2016- August, 2019 In Psychoanalysis with a Board Certified Psychoanalyst in US 
August,2019-Now In Psychoanalysis with a Training and Supervising Analyst in US 

Gabrielle Deng

Licensed Counselor in Private Practice  
Psychoanalytic Candidate

1131708953@qq.com |  yrdeng2015@gmail.com
Anna Janicki M.D. Richard Kluft M.D. Saint Louis Psychoanalytic Institute American Psychoanalytic Association China American Psychoanalytic Alliance

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